Questions and Answers to Stendhal’s novel “The Red and the Black”

What facts of Stendhal’s biography influenced his views?

A fascination with the ideals of the Enlightenment, reading of the works of Voltaire, Rousseau, Diderot; Participation in the campaign of Napoleon’s army in 1812 to Moscow.

What are the aesthetic views of Stendhal, reflected in the novel “Red and Black”?

Aesthetic views of Stendhal formed on the basis of the philosophy of the Enlightenment. A man for Stendhal is unthinkable outside of the environment, his psychology needs to be studied in connection with his social position. Beautiful can not be permanent for all times and societies. The aesthetic ideal of a new society is based on intellect and sensitivity – the artist should be interested not so much as the naked body of an athlete, as by the expression of his face, his spiritual beauty.

What era was Stendhal reflected in the novel “Red and Black”? What is the symbolism and ambiguity of the title of the

novel “Red and Black”? What classes are shown in the novel “Red and Black”?

The nobility is power in their hands; clergymen – the Catholic Church is an influential force in society; The bourgeoisie is trying to regain its positions.

What was Sorel’s life before he got into the de Renal family? What does Madame de Renal and Matilda de La Mole mean to Julien? What attracted Julien to Napoleon?

Bonaparte, an unknown and poor lieutenant, became the ruler of the world “with the help of his sword.” In Napoleon’s epoch, Sorel was attracted by the fact that then a person could advance, make a brilliant career due to his personal qualities, and not because of his origin.

Why did Sorel set out to become a priest? What positive and negative character traits are characteristic of the hero Stendhal? Why did Julien Sorel refuse the appeal of pardon?

Sorel sees all the lies and meanness of the world around him and does not want to participate in this universal game anymore. To ask for pardon is to accept the rules of the game. Moreover, his ideas of honor and dishonor did not allow him to ask mercy from those whom he despised.

Who of the literary heroes of the same era, in your opinion, is close to Julien Sorel?

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Questions and Answers to Stendhal’s novel “The Red and the Black”