Hero of the war composition

“Fortieth fatal…” These years, marked by a terrible war, for a long time will excite the hearts of people. Not one house was not visited by the Great War, not one fate maimed. And no matter how much today we honor the memory of the defenders of our Fatherland, this is not enough. This is not enough to express gratitude to those heroes who gave their youth and their lives for the freedom of their native land.

May 9 is a sunny holiday, but also the most sad. It can not be celebrated without tears and bitter memories. Every year fewer and fewer of us with those who truly experienced military adversity. They are real heroes. And those who lived to the great Victory, and those who remained to lie on the battlefield.

We should not allow distorting history, we do not have the moral right to forget our heroes: the sons and daughters of our land, our fathers and mothers who survived the terrible 1941-1945.

Heroes are those who perished under enemy bullets,

and those who were undernourished and worked for the front, and those who brought the wounded soldiers back to life, under fire providing them medical assistance.

We are proud of them, and can not be otherwise. After all, they won a truly great victory. They have ensured to us, descendants, a free and happy life.

It was harder than anyone to have children in the war. They were forced to grow up very quickly. And they grew up. And they became defenders of the Motherland, heroes of their country.

Suffice it to recall Marat Kazey, who was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Very early on, he lost his mother, whom the Germans hung for contacting the partisans. He was to go to the fifth class, when the invading fascists interrupted the usual course of events. Marat’s small heart was filled with bitterness and fierce hatred of the enemy. And then he and his sister went to the partisans. At the headquarters Marat became a scout. This adult child showed amazing abilities: courage and agility, with which he penetrated to the enemy and obtained the necessary information,

sometimes surprised and experienced guerrillas. It was he who had the greatest merit in defeating the fascists in the city of Dzerzhinsk. Among his other exploits and mining of the railway, and participation in open battle. In one such battle, death overtook the boy. He was not even fifteen. Being surrounded, Marat Kazey waited until the Germans came close, and blew up the enemies and himself.

Our country remembers and reveres Zinaida Portnow – a girl-partisan. She lived in Leningrad, and on vacation came to visit the Vitebsk region. It was there that Zinaida was admitted to the Young Avengers organization at one of the stations. A fearless girl, she handed out leaflets, undertook impudent forays against the enemy, went to reconnaissance. However, at the end of 1943, traitors handed over it to the Germans. After long tortures, and without giving the Nazis a single secret, Zinaida shot one of the Germans, then the second. She was killed after a long torture, which she subjected the Gestapo. She, like Marat Kazey, was posthumously awarded with a high rank – Hero of the Soviet Union.

The memory of the heroes will live in our hearts.

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Hero of the war composition