What is nature?

In the work there are references to the story of A. Pristavkin.

Option 1

Nature is all that is not made by hand that surrounds us. Its beauty and amazing variety are only opened by attentive.

Let us turn to the proofs of the text of A. Pristavkin. Vaska and his friend, who went to the forest, would not have known in what wonderful world they were, if not for the lost book. Her search was forced to look under the bushes, and there was discovered an unknown world. The drunkard, the lily of the valley, the snake skin – all this, like the hidden treasures of the now open casket, fascinated the boys and aroused surprise.

After stepping over the invisible line, they rediscovered the familiar forest. Let friends and did not find the lost book, but realized that their attentiveness helped to see much.

Nature reveals its beauty not to a quick glance, but only to those who peer at and listen to it.

Option 2

Nature is the living world around

us, amazing and different. Its diversity leaves no one indifferent, it encourages reflection, allows you to make unexpected discoveries.

In the story of A. Pristavkin, the boys find for themselves much more than a lost book, a new world that, it turns out, was next to them. The spring that friends have come across makes them wonder why it is called so, and the skin dropped by the snake allows us to make a discovery that it has retained the shape of the hostess’s body.

Repeating words from a fantastic book, they realized that a new unknown country full of mysteries and secrets is nature.

It’s great when you start to understand that the most amazing thing is next to you, you just have to take a closer look.

Option 3

Speaking about nature, a person means everything that lives on our planet – plants, birds and animals, as well as the environment of their growth and habitat. Man is also a part of nature, he studies her wonderful world.

In the story of A. Pristavkin, two boys in search of the book discovered a lot of natural secrets that harbored the forest –

berries drunkards, lilies of the valley with an ovary, even a skin dropped by the snake.

Earth is the only planet in the solar system on which there is life, and its natural features are the subject of study of scientists. One of the unknown natural riddles is the Mariana Trench. No one had visited her day yet, but a special bathyscaphe could bring a water sample, and the result of the expedition was the discovery of a number of previously unknown organisms and bacteria.

I believe that nature will still give humanity a lot of its secrets, as it happened in the story I read.

Option 4

Nature is the world around us: forests and fields, oceans, deserts, and their inhabitants. On Earth, there are several million forms of life. And all of them, including man, are inseparable parts of nature.

With its variety, it was possible to meet the boys from the story of A. Pristavkin. Exploring the forest in search of a lost book, they are better acquainted with the life of plants and animals. For example, friends admired the Kalina on the edge, they saw a frog in the spring. Nature gave them different emotions: admiration, fear.

The wonders of nature really amaze the imagination, which is why tourists from all over the world go to meet them every year. For example, many people in the Kaliningrad region are attracted by the “dancing forest”, where trees have a bizarre shape, and in China there is a stone forest of Shilin, which is a karst formation that looks like a giant labyrinth of mighty pines or oaks.

In nature, a lot of amazing, so each of us can find in it for themselves something that will be remembered for life.

Option 5

Nature is everything that has not been created by man. Land and oceans, animals, plants, insects are all nature. The beauty of nature inspires the person, leaves indelible impressions in his soul.

In the story of A. Pristavkin, the boys are so impressed by the new forest discoveries that they call the forest “a completely unusual sight”. Of course, the narrator quotes a book he lost, but we understand that it is about their day, full of findings beyond the “visible and invisible” line.

In addition, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for man. This is confirmed by the works of famous landscape painters II Levitan, IK Aivazovsky, II Shishkin.

A person should be grateful to nature for the fact that she gives joy to discoveries and awakens the most luminous feelings in her soul.

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What is nature?