Composition my family

Composition on “My Family”

Many people say that the family is the most important thing in life. And I fully agree with this. But let’s try to figure out what this word means by itself. First of all, the family is the foundation of the foundation, which gives the child all the necessary human qualities, brings up kindness and responsiveness. Thanks to the family, a person becomes what he is now.

The family is the only structure of society where people really need each other. Nothing can replace a family, no kindergarten, no school, or anything else. It is in the family that you are really dear and the family will do anything to make you feel happy.

My family consists of 3 people: Dad, Mom and me. My dad is very kind, but sometimes it’s strict, but it does not stop me from loving him. Dad is the head of our family. All the hard work around the house is held by him. There is no such task with which the pope could not cope. He is strong and brave,

often likes to joke, always helps, if something does not work out, will push for the right decision. I consider him an example to follow.

I appreciate my dear mother no less than the pope. This is the person who will support me in any difficult situation, judge and understand. I do not have secrets from her, because I completely trust her and I know her advice will always help. And my mother knows how to cook very delicious, it does not cost a single holiday without her delicious dishes. In warm weather, my father and mother leave for the picnic in the forest, catch fish and play football or volleyball.

In my opinion, I have a very good, kind and funny family, in which there is mutual understanding, and, most importantly, the manifestation of kindness and care. And in my opinion, each member should contribute to the happiness of the family. After all, having a good family in our time is a gift of fate. You need to appreciate what you have, because it is easier to lose than to find again.

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Composition my family