Parable “Scarecrow”

One of the small slots damaged the wing. For a while he was satisfied with what he was raking in the ground. But soon it was winter. In one frosty morning, looking for something edible in the ground, the dandy saw a stuffed animal on the field. He was quite an elegant gentleman, famous for his great love for magpies, crows and other birds throughout the outskirts.

His straw body was dressed in an old dress suit, a large orange pumpkin served as head, corn kernels – teeth, the nose was carrot, and the eyes – pea.

“What’s with you, goldfinch?” – As always, the scarecrow asked kindly.

“Nothing good,” sighed the bridegroom, “I’m terribly cold and there’s nowhere to hide, and I do not talk about food at all.” I probably can not wait for spring. ” “Do not worry, hide under my jacket.” There is dry and warm straw. “

So, thanks to the straw heart, the stuffed scarecrow

again had a house. There was a problem with food. It was harder for the shchego to find seeds or berries. One day, when everything was covered with hoarfrost, and the frosty air was trembling already, the scarecrow said in a gentle voice: “If you had pecked my teeth, they are toothy teeth.” – “But you will become smart”. “Empty, at least everyone will think that I’m wise.”

So the effigy was left without teeth. But it was happy that he saved his little friend’s life. Scarecrow smiled to him with her pea eyes.

A few days later the line reached the carrot nose.

“Eat it. You can not even imagine how many carrots there are in vitamins,” said the effigy.

And a little later the same fate befell the pea eyes:

“Do not worry about me, dandy, your stories will replace my eyes,” she said.

In the end, the scarecrow gave his gold pumpkin head to the crack.

When spring came, there was nothing left of the stuffed animal, but he was alive with a goldfinch, and he had enough strength to fly up into the blue sky.

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Parable “Scarecrow”