Painting by Yu. Raksha “Seeing the Militia”

At all times, the most basic and holy duty for every person was to protect their land from the enemy. To live as a patriot and die for the Motherland has always been a great honor. Painting Yu. Rakshi “Seeing the Militia” is devoted to the topic of protecting Russia from the Tatar-Mongol yoke. We see that the artist depicted on the canvas the militia leaving the gates of the city, women and children, escorting their men to the war.

On the left side of the picture, like a river, flows from the white city gates to the people’s river: city military men, peasants, ordinary townspeople, pedestrians, horsemen – all go to battle to stand up for the independence of their land.

In the center of the picture and on its right side, the painter portrayed children, women: mothers, wives and sisters, who went out to accompany their husbands to the battle. Here are commoners and women of noble family. They stand close to each other: the common grief has wiped out

the social boundaries between them.

One of the women is baptized, bows to the army. She, like all those who came to see her off, realizes that many of the warriors do not return home from this campaign, so she bows to them, as they bow to the great martyrs. Each woman looks out for her husband, father, son, seeks her eyes, and in her eyes – anxiety, sadness, unspeakable grief. One of the women in a red sarafan is depicted a simple-haired woman sitting on the grass, her head is slightly thrown back, her mouth ajar – the woman is crying, lamenting. Her whole posture says that she no longer expects to see the one whom she sees off alive, because she cries for him as if she were dead.

In the center of the mourners is a beautiful young woman, with braided hair of wheaten color, with a hoop on her head. She wears a yellow and blue striped dress. She is not a commoner, but a noble woman. With her left hand, she hugs the boy, her son, who is standing with his head down. The woman sees off her husband, the boy’s father. Most likely he heads the militia. The woman tries to be strong, her sadness is

frozen in her eyes, but she should not show her grief to her son – after all, if her husband dies, she alone will have to raise the future defender of her native land. Undoubtedly, she calls her son to be proud of her father, the protector of the Fatherland, who goes to the holy battle.

Spectators are struck by the extraordinary expressiveness of the color scheme of the picture, as the emotional depth of the emotions conveyed by the artist in this canvas is amazing. The images of women symbolize Russia itself, which, seeing off her sons in a fatal battle, mourns.

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Painting by Yu. Raksha “Seeing the Militia”