“The state does not exist to transform earthly life into paradise, but in order to prevent it from turning into hell.” NA Berdyaev

I partially agree with this statement of Nikolai Aleksandrovich Berdyaev, in which he talks about the problem of assessing the state by society.

The state is a set of political institutions whose main goal is to protect and maintain the integrity of society. The main function of the state is to ensure the comfortable living of its citizens. To this end, the state fulfills a number of tasks: solving economic and social problems, ensuring the integrity of the state, managing the economy and society, and defending its own territory.

On the one hand, the state is doing its best to protect its people by establishing laws and regulations, thereby solving many problems: the crime rate is declining and the society remains integral. The state is engaged in the settlement of conflicts of interest in the society, establishing universally binding laws. Violation of the law leads to the envisaged responsibility.

Unfortunately, in some countries those people who rule the country

and pass laws do not always follow them themselves. Moreover – sometimes they pass laws that do not allow the public to express their opinion, restricting freedom of speech and driving them into a “framework”. That is, one can say – steps are being taken to turn the state form of government into totalitarianism.

If society does not like the actions of power, it has the right to freedom of speech and concrete actions in order to be heard. This is the manifestation of democracy.

Officials are often interested in one goal – the more you can profit from ordinary people. It is corruption that is what destroys the state, does not allow its citizens to feel and live on an equal basis with others. Thus, in the state, the upper and lower strata of society sometimes prevail, minimizing the worker, and even more so, the middle class.

Earth life can not be turned into a paradise, it is a utopia. In individuality, everyone can strive and achieve certain results and even achieve this goal. But within the whole world – this is impracticable.

I believe that the state should generally support its citizens, try in every possible way to hear the opinion of people and not impose their point of view, without hindering each person to turn his life into a paradise. This is the true path to the emergence of a highly developed democratic country.

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“The state does not exist to transform earthly life into paradise, but in order to prevent it from turning into hell.” NA Berdyaev