What does it mean to be a happy person

What does it mean to be a happy person? No holiday wish can not do without the word “happiness”. We all want to be happy, so we want the same for other people. At least once in a life of any person visit reflections on a theme of happiness. We perfectly understand that everyone has his own.

What does it mean to be happy for a young child? Dry, warm, tasty, safe – I sleep peacefully, I smile at my mother, grow up. It is necessary to remain alone, to feel a small alarm – happiness as it has not happened.

What does it mean to be happy for a first-grader? A beautiful briefcase with notebooks, friends-classmates, games and toys. And a goldfish in the form of beloved parents who fulfill any desire.

What does it mean to be happy for a teenager? Fashionable clothes, a pretty girlfriend, a fun party. And we do not forget about the material support of “ancestors”.

What does it mean to be happy for a child living in an orphanage? It’s

to see every day mom, hug her. To the child all the same, that mum sometimes drinks, leads in the house of another’s men. The main thing is to be with her, the only mother, to live in a family, and not with the same destitute children.

And then we grow up, become adults. Our needs are changing. And all life is dedicated to catching the momentary happiness: to buy a new model car, to go to the sea or to make your colleagues jealous of you. Someone has one need – just to survive in this tough society. In general, everyone has their own happiness – according to their needs.

Many today know the pyramid of A. Maslow’s needs. At the base – physiological needs, which include thirst, hunger, sex drive and others. Then, rising to the top, there are needs for security, in belonging and love, in respect. Even higher – cognitive needs, aesthetic. Crowned pyramid – the need for self-knowledge, self-realization in society. At each step a person feels happy if his need is satisfied.

But why did A. Maslow allocate only needs directed at himself? Unfortunately, today

this principle of happiness is cultivated in our society. Advertising, cinema, television, magazines affirm the value of pleasure. There is pleasure – a person is happy, no pleasure – unhappy. Everything comes down to satisfying the needs, not the highest, but, rather, the lowest. But to satisfy one’s need is one-time happiness.

If you ask frankly, deep down we feel that happiness is something else, eternal. Like love, the concept of which also fell to the lowest level of needs.

However, love is a Christian value. God is love. By Himself Christ showed that love is a decision, not a feeling. And it is expressed not in self-satisfaction, but in creative life for the sake of another person.

The words “I love you” without concrete deeds will remain just an empty sound. Those who have at least once seen the joy and happiness of the beloved person, created by your hands, will agree with me. These happy eyes remain in my memory forever, they support at the moment of sadness, failure. Satisfy the needs of the other – is not this happiness that has eternal meaning?

Caring, charity, charity combined with love bring happiness not only to the suffering, but to those who help, loves.

You will say that this is all too global, not for me. A relationship in the family, in a married couple? What happiness do they bring? If a man and a woman love to satisfy their own flesh, desires, needs, then this happiness will not last long. Until the first serious quarrel. But the love relationship, built on the Christian principle, will fill your home with happiness. To love, to make love or beloved bring happiness, joy. And to be happy means to love.

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What does it mean to be a happy person