Cowardice and betrayal – how are these concepts related

Betrayal is the worst thing that can happen between people. It marks the death of intimacy and trust. A person who decides to betrayal deliberately stabs you in the back. After all, we do not talk about betrayal from strangers, only a close person can betray.

What is betrayal? This is deliberate deception or abuse of trust. If, for example, you convince someone of your sincere warm attitude, call him a friend, and then at a crucial moment do not come to his rescue, then you will betray him.

It is important to remember that such a thing as betrayal, sooner or later is revealed. Regardless of the sphere of life, whether it be love, friendship or work. About him becomes known and previously trusted, and, perhaps, a person who loved you can become your enemy.

There are a lot of similar examples in the literature. Take Andrey from “Taras Bulba”. He committed a terrible betrayal in relation to his family, the Cossacks’ brotherhood and his homeland, moving to the side of the Poles. His father Taras could not imagine anything worse, for him it was the most unexpected and mean blow. Then the father realized that he had no other way, and killed an apostate son.

What pushes people to such an act? There can be many reasons. And in each case they are their own. Someone betrays because of love, someone from mercenary motives and greed, some are pushed with fear and cowardice. In any case, betrayal always leaves a dirty imprint on the soul of the person who committed it, and not everyone can live with it. Someone’s remorse is forced to commit suicide, someone for the rest of his life is trying to wash his name. Those who do not experience because of perfect betrayal, usually do not have any principles or moral guidelines.

Personally, I have never betrayed people who trust me, and will do my best to remain so in the future.

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Cowardice and betrayal – how are these concepts related