The impact of music on man

Music is always present in our life, without it it is difficult to imagine the existence of mankind. But very few people know how music affects a person. However, it is proved that she can change the mood, cheer up or put to sleep. The brain responds to sounds, so their influence is enormous. Often a person can not even imagine the extent of this influence. Below you will learn about the influence of listening and playing music on the psycho-emotional state of a person.

Each person has favorite and unloved melodies, and tastes can vary, but everything depends on the period of life, perception and mood. Also people perceive styles in different ways. Some people like rock, and some people are awed by the classics. However, scientists still managed to establish certain patterns of the influence of various music on the mental and physical state of a person.

It was possible to establish the following regularity: music can influence a person, but this influence depends on the

psychoemotional state. If the melody is in harmony with this state, then it will affect the person positively. When there is no harmony, the influence of music will be negative, and in some cases can also push antisocial actions.

Also, scientists managed to establish the fact that the perception of music has a national-cultural affiliation. In other words, a European will not always feel comfortable listening to oriental motifs, and the prolonged exposure to such melodies can cause him serious mental distress. It is also true that Asian people very rarely like western music.

Scientists managed to prove that music has a beneficial effect on a person. Moreover, this fact was known even in ancient times. So, in ancient Greece, there were special hospitals, where people listened to the murmur of the creek and corrected their mental health. In ancient India, people also treated music. People put their bells on their feet in a certain order, and their sound healed from illnesses.

At the moment it was possible to establish the fact that the person is affected not only by the style, rhythm and tonality of the

melody, but even by what instrument it was performed. This or that musical instrument affects a certain system in the human body.

For example, playing the piano promotes harmonization of the psyche, normalizes the work of the kidneys and bladder, positively affects the thyroid gland. The sounds of the organ are stimulated by brain activity, in addition, they contribute to the normalization of energy flows in the spine.

If we talk about stringed instruments – guitar, harp, violin, cello – then they help to normalize the work of the cardiovascular system. Also, their sound makes a person compassion, after listening to them, he is ready for self-sacrifice.

Wind instruments can help to normalize the work of the respiratory system. Regular listening to melodies clears the lungs and bronchi, and also has a beneficial effect on blood circulation.

Percussion instruments restore the rhythm of the heart, heal the liver and the circulatory system. You can also say that any music can remove muscle tension and increase mobility. In addition, people will more clearly and specifically perceive information.

It is noticed that the human body is beneficially influenced by classical music, moreover, its audition on some acts simply miraculously. To heal from illnesses, one must listen to the immortal works of such great composers as:

It was noticed that Mozart’s music promotes the activation of brain activity, and the person quickly learns the information. For the removal of migraines it is recommended to listen to the following works: “Fidelio” Beethoven, Polonaise Oginsky and “Hungarian Rhapsody” Liszt. You can get rid of insomnia by listening to the plays of Tchaikovsky, Grieg and Sibelius. And if you often listen to works from the cycle “Seasons” by Vivaldi, you will be able to improve memory in a short time.

Thus, it is possible, when listening to this or that composition, to receive not only pleasure from the process itself, but also to be healed. However, an important condition for music therapy is that music should be liked. If the head starts to hurt from listening to classical works or you get irritated, it’s better not to torment yourself, but to choose another option for yourself. Otherwise, the classic will not bring you anything other than new diseases and problems.

Some people find it difficult to understand music. However, you should not despair, because you can help our article in this matter. How to understand music.

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The impact of music on man