Locksmith – creative profession

A creative approach to business can transform any profession. Everything depends on ourselves, on how we treat work.

We hear a lot about people of different professions – modest and heroic, common and rare. Everyone understands the difference between a doctor and a geologist, an engineer and a teacher, an artist and a postman, an artist and a cook. Different, dissimilar occupations can be listed for a very long time. But those who work at the plant in the shop are usually called workers. Working specialties are as many as various industries in the industry.

One of the most common – the profession of locksmith. Our story is dedicated to the man of this most common profession, but with an unusual fate. Locksmith Nikolai Nikolaevich Zhuravlev became the head of the laboratory… Zhuravlyov.

At the factory, Zhuravlyov is called an inventor, an innovator. But there are no such professions. Nikolai Nikolaevich himself calls himself a mechanic and believes

that “a mechanic is a person who knows how to do everything”.

Zhuravlev graduated from seven classes and received a secondary technical education. It gave him knowledge of the technology and properties of materials, skills of working with various tools and machines. In his youth, he undertook everything: repaired watches, smashed precious stones, did unique things for scenery in theaters and even made a set of tools for a unique neurosurgical operation. But the mechanic understood his true vocation when he came to the plant.

He was instructed to make a stamp. This work is not easy, the stamp allows workers to refuse to use many tools and even machine tools. And the more rational the stamp is designed, the less it leaves the manual labor to people.

Zhuravlev took it and realized that the order could be improved. The stamp he made was not in accordance with the drawings, but the engineers recognized Zhuravlev’s decision as reasonable and redone the finished drawings for the finished product. Whatever task Zhuravlyov received, he tried to approach him creatively. Nikolai Nikolayevich

did two stamps: one – during working hours according to the drawings of the designers, the other – after a change in his own sketches. And when they compared both products, it turned out that his model is better. So he proved his skill.

Rumors about the obstinate locksmith reached the plant’s director. He got acquainted with Zhuravlev and his inventions. And it was decided to give to the help of Zhuravlev a group of skilled workers, as well as engineers, designers… It turned out all wrong, as always. After all, it usually happens on the contrary: workers and specialists are united under the guidance of the designer. But the factory understood: Zhuravlyov is an unusual person. Engineers in Zhuravlev’s laboratory do not consider it humiliating to obey a locksmith, because here people are engaged in real creativity.

All that is created in the laboratory, facilitates the work of man, frees him from monotonous and hard work. Zhuravlyov is a man of creative profession.

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Locksmith – creative profession