How I brought up the will

I always liked people who have strong will. And since last Monday I decided to educate my will. It is necessary to make it iron.

Firstly, every morning I began to get up at 6.00 (without an alarm), and secondly, I decided for a whole month not to eat ice cream. And thirdly, I managed to accomplish the main task: I did not call Dasha for ten days with whom I had been friends for a long time. And when she called me, I picked up the phone and said that I was not at home.

In fact, I really wanted to see her, but I raised my will. I continued to face new challenges. For example, he began to walk without a hat in the frost, to rise to the ninth floor without an elevator and engage in the yoga system.

On this first stage of education of the will has come to an end. I decided to take a break for three days. Now I could meet Dasha. And when I had a free minute, I called her.

Dasha was delighted with my call, but still asked in surprise:

– Vadim, where

have you been so long?

– I have importantly explained to her that all this time brought up the will.

“And you did not want to see me all these days?” – Dasha asked offendedly.

I answered that in life one always needs to Sacrifice something, but now I have an iron will.

Then I began to make an appointment. Dasha agreed, but said:

“I may be late, but you wait for me.”

At seven o’clock I was already standing where we were supposed to meet. Ten minutes passed – Dasha was not there. Half an hour passed. She was not there. There was a severe frost. My legs are very cold, my ears too. And no wonder – I was without a hat. Now I scolded myself.

The clock was already half past nine, I went home. The next day I fell ill.

When I recovered, I called Dasha. To my question, why did not I come on a date, she said:

– And I just on that day, by your example, began to educate the will. And thus, as you yourself said, you have to sacrifice something.

I no longer began to train my will in the hope that Dasha would do the same in my example.

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How I brought up the will