Summary “Post of Spirits”

Spirit Mail, Academic or moral and critical correspondence of the Arab philosopher Malikulmulka with water, air and underground spirits.

Assistant Arab magician Malikulmulka, typed correspondence with spirits, proves that a very fascinating book. Such creatures are kind by nature, but they do not tolerate hypocrites and usurers, as well as not seriousness, and preference is given to be invisible to the present world. This state allows them to find out all the secrets and secrets, as well as remove the mask from others. Malikulmulka assured that the letters were printed in debt, since the sage does not receive money for the work. Those who are eager to get acquainted with the contents of letters should send funds to St. Petersburg, the bookshop Sveshnikov.

The secretary narrates the story of his acquaintance with the philosopher. One day after another cultural refusal from Mr. Pustolob, he walked along the street. The poor fellow was completely upset, he thought only that

it was better to deal with demons and witches than with officials. Suddenly he hears a voice from an elderly man with a gray beard, who called himself a magician named Malikulmulkom. He invited me to work as his secretary, and we proceeded to his estate under Mount Etna. The only condition was not to move out of his native city, but he also wanted to live in a nice house. On this request, he rubbed his eyes epschachi, and before him appeared a chic house, and not an old house. The sorcerer, having learned about the intention of the secretary to invite his rich friends to a small feast, warned that all of his luxury they would not see because of his short-sightedness, so enjoy it alone. Malikulmulkom in the conversation mentioned that many friends are scattered around the world. He is already in his old age, so writing dictation and reading letters is the responsibility of the secretary. Liked letters could be published with permission of the magician, which he did.

Maliculmulka from hell comes a post from the gnome of Zor, who tells that half a year later Proserpina returned. Waiting for Pluto’s return of

his wife, when he saw, was taken aback by her clothes: she appeared in shoes with heels, a hat with feathers, and in a beautiful French dress. The inhabitants of hell thought that Proserpina had gone mad. She wanted to shave off her beard Pluto and that he put on a French caftan, and also invited a tailor, a barber and a haberdasher. Zor went to the mortals for the best masters.

Maliculmulcu from Paris receives a mail from Silf Dalvid, who reports on the arbitrariness of the king, the avarice of the spiritual fathers, the greed of the merchants and the cunning of the courtiers.

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Summary “Post of Spirits”