Composition on the picture of James “Cat on the Window”

Looking at the work of the artist Willie James “Cat on the window,” I immediately remember our cat Barsik. Our cat also likes to sit on the window and look at the street. Sometimes he can sit so very long.

What attracts the attention of animals on the street? Snowflakes sparkling in the rays of the evening sun? Passers-by, hurrying about their business? The birds flying by the window?

I think that cats that live at home and rarely go outside, see through the window the whole world! The world we see every day on the way to school, to the store, to work. People see every day what is happening around, so they stop noticing any details. Animals notice everything! Even the candy wrapper, which from the gust of wind soared to the sky and flew past the window.

If you carefully consider the artist’s picture, it creates a feeling that this is an illustration of a fairy tale story. Against the background of the dark winter sky, fanciful houses, covered with snow, froze. The black cat is a mystical creature, who carefully watches to ensure that in his possessions there is no trouble. And if something suddenly happens, he will jump out of the window and fly to the rescue, like a superman.

It seems to me that the cat, who is sitting with his back to us, has huge green eyes. The artist managed to convey not only what is depicted in the picture, but also something more. The very atmosphere of the picture attracts attention, fascinates and gives flight of our imagination.

Now it seems to me that my Barsik is not just a pet, but a wonderful being with supernatural power. The being is wise, knowing all about how our world works, loving and protecting us.

Perhaps this is exactly what the artist wanted to tell us by writing his work “The Cat on the Window”. Together with the author of the picture, we witnessed a small magic – the transformation of a normal cat into a fairy-tale character.

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Composition on the picture of James “Cat on the Window”