Composition on a fantastic story

Composition on a fantastic story

Bright summer sunset. The nature is unusually beautiful. The boundless steel surface of the forest lake stretches to the horizon. I’m standing on its edge and I’m afraid to take the first step. The lake is huge. Evening warm air plays with cheerful clouds, a light breeze and pink setting sun rays. Wings of butterflies are covered with droplets of dew. It’s time for them to sleep so that in the morning they can enjoy their colorful beauty of birds and people who wake up early and smile to the world.

On the shore there are age-old pines, like needles piercing the sky. They have stood in their silent greatness for many years. They meet birds in the spring and see off in the fall.

I, a small part of this world, quietly stand on the shore of the lake, I smile at the setting sun, take a small drop on my palm and feel like a grain of sand, a bird, a gay dragonfly.

Suddenly, not a mosquito, not a butterfly, not a dragonfly, but a small smiling gnome, sat on a thin blade of grass. From surprise and delight, I blinked for a long time with eyes and thought what to do next.

“I’m a dwarf Timoshka, and who are you?”

– I’m a girl Sasha. Let’s be friends!

I reached out my hand and the little gnome quickly ran to me. Warming it with my own warmth, I carried home this little miracle

And she did not believe that such things happen.

At home all was quietly resting. Gnome Timoshka settled

on a small doll’s chair. On the matchbox, which was replaced by a table, stood a small cup of tea, a biscuit and the first summer berry – honeysuckle. We feasted. Gnome Timoshka asked me about people, then told me about his country. It is called Berry Liliana: cheerful, bright, sweet. It always shines with the sun, birds sing, butterflies flutter and a lot of tasty berries.

-If you feel so good, why are you here? – I asked

– That day everything was quiet and calm, we bleached berries. Who is raspberries, strawberries, mulberries. Suddenly a strong wind blew, he tore leaves, broke and threw berries on the ground. One strong gust of wind lifted a large bundle of leaves up and carried it. I did not tell you, there are ten time dimensions on the earth. You live in the tenth, and we live in the eighth. And now, from a strong rush, the membrane of our measurement could not stand it and we got here.

– Yes, I’m not alone here. Meet my brother Timson and Sister Thistle.

Timoshka picked up the floor of the caftan and saw the two merry faces of a small Timson and a very tiny Thistle.

Now I wondered what to do? Mom can not be deceived, and without her help dwarfs will not survive.

My mother was preparing to eat. I was scared. but taking in Timoshka’s hand, I got courage and told my mother. My mother is very kind, she was delighted with my new friends. Together with my mother and Timoshka we made a house for dwarfs.

A small tiny house stood on the coffee table beside my bed. In the morning I put a vase with bright, honey-smelling flowers at the entrance. The first guests appeared on the sweet smell and bright flowers. They were the kitten of Knop and the parrot Kesha, the head of the turtle Snegana appeared from the shell. Knope liked the smell of porridge for children-dwarfs.

The kids did not know. that there are such huge and beautiful animals. Little animals quickly became friends with small miracles – little men. They pushed them around the room. The dwarfs laughed gaily and the laughter resembled an overflow of ringing bells.

When the first stars were lit in the sky, the babies fell asleep. Timoshka sat down on the corner of my pillow and we whispered for a long time, shared their secrets.

I had one big secret. Very long time I walked along the street and met a merry old woman. We talked for a long time and she liked my fantasies. At parting, she gave me a thin ring with a blue pebble. The old woman said that with this ringlet, I can become invisible if I turn the ring with a pebble to the palm and make some place where I want to go. Timoshka was very happy, because he had the hope to return to his Berry Liliana and again to see his father, mother, friends. We agreed in the morning to try to visit the country of dwarfs.

When the first rays of the sun slid on the window, I opened my eyes and saw my new friends. They were ready to go. Quickly breakfast. putting the dwarfs in a pocket, turned the ring and said: “I want to get into the country Berry Liliana – the home of my friends!”

The room was filled with bright stars. They slowly began to spin, then faster and faster and some kind of unknown power lifted me. In a moment I was already standing in a bright clearing among the berries and a number of colored caps. They were gnomes. There were so many of them, I was even afraid to move from my place, so as not to step on the kids. Timoshka said something in his own language and the dwarves lined up in long lines on either side of me. I sat down on the grass. Gnomes. like a huge flowering wave, ran up to me. They climbed on their knees, touched pigtails, giggled gaily.

Time flew by unnoticed. The sun began to sink to the horizon and I zasobiralsya home. Gnomes collected a jar of different berries. We agreed to come to visit each other, to be friends with measurements. The gnomes told us about the seventh dimension, where the giants lived and promised to introduce us, but this will be the next time. I turned the ring with a stone to the palm of my hand, closed my eyes and in the next instant found myself in my room.

On the table was a tiny house-reminder of my little friends. I treated my mother with berries – a gift from an amazing country of little men. Behind the story of my journey the evening flew by quickly.

As I fell asleep, I heard my mother say: “Do not be surprised, my dear girl, there is a place for everyone on this round planet”

Composition on a fantastic story