Biography Lou Gehrig

Biography Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig – a baseball player, was born on June 19, 1903 in the city of New York. Best known as the “Iron Horse”, the hero of the “New York Yankees”.

At birth, he was named Henry Luis Guerig.

In the biography of Lou Gehrig, 2,130 consecutive games for the “New York Yankees” from 1925 to 1939 were committed. This gave him the nickname “iron horse”. As a baseman at first base, Gehrig played in the same team as Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio during the popular Yankees years.

Lou Gehrig won a rare triple victory in 1934, making 49 home runs, 165 counted runs, having average points in the batting of 0.363. He was also chosen as the most valuable player in 1927, 1936. But he is best known for his 15-season streak of consecutive games – a record that he managed to beat in 1995 to baseball player Kalu Ripken. Gehrig left baseball after eight games of the 1939 season. He was diagnosed with degenerative amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

July 4, 1939 “Yankees” organized a day of recognition for the athlete, when his well-known words were pronounced: “Today I feel like the happiest person on Earth.” Two years later, Lou Gehrig died in New York.

Additional information: “Yankees” removed the fourth number of the uniform worn by Lou Gehrig. This is the first time in all sports when a player has received such an honor. Gary Cooper played the famous baseball player in the 1942 film “The Pride of the Yankees.” In the biography, Lou Gehrig also received the nickname “Larrupin ‘Lou”. Other famous people with the same illness were actor David Niven, physicist Stephen Hawking.

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Biography Lou Gehrig