William Shakespeare. Biography

William Shakespeare is an English playwright, poet and actor of the Renaissance. His plays, distinguished by an unprecedented variety of types, positions and characters, form a special world – the Shakespearean theater. The dramas of Shakespeare had a tremendous impact on the development of the world theater and are still being successfully performed on stages of different countries.

The life of W. Shakespeare in dates and facts

April 23, 1564 – was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in the family of a respected glover in the city, several times elected to honorary posts, including – as mayor. Education received in the local “grammar” school.

In 1580, young William dropped out of school and for a while, apparently, helped his father to do business.

1582 – married Ann Hateway, who was eight years older than he.

1585 – in search of luck came to London, where, according to biographers, he served in the theater as a prompter

and then as an assistant to the director.

1590-1599 – the first stage of creativity, which began with the early chronicles, comedies and poems, and ended with plays “Romeo and Juliet” and “Julius Caesar.” At that time the best Shakespearean chronicles “Richard II”, “Henry IV”, “Henry V”, as well as many comedies were written, among which the most famous are: “Two Veronts”, “The Fruitless Efforts of Love,” A Midsummer Night’s Dream “,” The Merchant of Venice “,” A lot of noise from nothing “,” How you like it “,” Twelfth Night “.

1593 – entered the troupe, headed by James Burbage and who was considered the most popular theater group in London. Shakespeare performed here in a double role – an actor and songwriter. By the same year, Shakespeare began his work on the collection of sonnets.

Since 1599 Shakespeare’s plays have been constantly staged on the stage of the Globus Theater.

1600-1608 – the second stage of creativity,

which began with “Hamlet” and ended with “Timon of Athens.” During this period, such famous tragedies as “Othello”, “Macbeth”, “King Lear” were created.

1609-1613 years. – the third period of the creative biography of Shakespeare, during which the tragicomedy “Pericles”, “Tsimbelin”, “Winter Fairy Tale” and “Storm” were written.

1613 – Shakespeare returned to his native city, abandoning both theater and literary creation.

Supposedly April 23, 1616 – the playwright died.

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William Shakespeare. Biography