Composition “It’s Spring”

Any lingering winter comes to an end. Spring comes. In spring, all nature wakes up after hibernation. Early spring time is deceptive. At this time, it may snow or return frosts. But this is all short, since the spring will still come into its own. Then the ice will begin to melt on the rivers. The trees will throw off their winter clothes. The sun will warm the earth longer.

There comes a thaw. Birds come back who like to sing on brother-in-law. The first flowers appear. Spring is the most beautiful time for renewal. In the spring, you can start new business, leave all the bad in the past and begin to improve with nature.

In the spring I like to watch the first green leaves appear on the trees. I like to watch the trees bloom. I love the smell of flowering apricots. It’s great to walk on the greened streets.

I really like to be photographed in nature. In the spring, often all make photos with flowering trees or on green lawns. I’m not an exception. I also like to make such photos. When you make such photos, it becomes possible to feel like a girl – in the spring. In general, I like everything natural and natural.

In the spring everyone takes to the streets, walks in the parks, goes to the country houses and travels. In the spring I want to do gardening in the garden. I really like helping my mother, planting roses and tulips. Caring for flowers requires a lot of effort, time and knowledge. Flowers are very whimsical plants that need fertilizing.

I would like, that the spring lasted, as long as possible, so that everything around bloomed, smelt. I would like people to be happier and kinder, and the relationship between them was warmer, more spiritual. I would like to have a spring mood and always had good weather outside the window.

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Composition “It’s Spring”