“In a word, fasten” the work

Russian folklore has given us a lot of proverbs and sayings. In simple and uncomplicated phrases all the centuries-old wisdom of the people is hidden. The words of sayings are always very simple, but the meaning is deep. The main thing is to see it. If you reflect on the expression “the word is a matter of crepe,” one can understand one important truth.

It’s no secret that it’s very easy to talk, and it’s difficult to take action. To be a worthy person, it is necessary that words correspond to deeds. Only then will a person be considered responsible and reliable. Words are an intangible thing, they have no result. It is not difficult to pronounce them. But to contain this word, it is necessary to make a lot of efforts. Many people treat the words lightly, throw them into the wind, and then do not keep their promises. The reasons can be mass – forgetfulness, laziness, inability to calculate your strength. But whatever influences the non-fulfillment

of the word, this affects the attitude towards the person. Next time he will no longer be trusted, will not count on him. This means that he will not have real friends and will not be taken seriously. Generally,

It is worth adding that in memory the deeds of a person are postponed, not his stories. Words have, of course, great power – they can please, they can offend or disappoint. But all their strength can increase several times, if they follow the appropriate actions. Respect deserves the one who is steadily obeying this truth. Such a person will never be called a “chatterbox”, he will be listened to and will not doubt it. Let us take an example from history. The glory of all the famous personalities came to us precisely because they left a mark on history. Not words they remember, and deeds. Nobody knows what exactly Peter said to his associates. However, since he promised to build a city in a swamp – he built it, despite all the obstacles and inappropriate climate.

Our world consists of actions. Every action affects it. So, we must take care of words carefully, so that later we should not be ashamed of their non-fulfillment. In general, “the word is a business to strengthen!”

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“In a word, fasten” the work