Interesting meeting

There are absolutely unexpected meetings. Such an unusually interesting meeting I had recently. I met a wonderful person.

I ran into this boy on our stairs when I took out the garbage. I immediately noticed his eyes – they were boundlessly blue, as if I looked deep into the sea.

-Hi! – I said, from surprise, almost dropping the trash can.

And the boy answered so culturally and politely that I felt uneasy:

-Good to you day!

We talked, and I learned about a new acquaintance such that I singled it out from among all my friends, of course, I cherish friendship.

Sasha, that’s the name of my friend, he studied in an unusual place. I did not know that there were still parochial schools! But, it turns out, there are such, and in one of them Sasha studied. “Because my father is a priest, and I myself believe,” – explained the boy with blue eyes. This “believe” battled me on the spot. It was so interesting to talk to a deeply religious person!

From conversations with my new neighbor, I learned a lot about life, about God, about religious commandments. And all of Sasha’s words were deeply felt and not as tormented and uninteresting as it usually is when adults start telling us children about God and religion. I am very glad that I have such a friend now, and I am grateful to that chance meeting!

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Interesting meeting