“My hobbies and hobbies” composition

“My hobbies and hobbies” composition

Life without hobbies like food without salt, like a well without water and like a summer without the sun. It’s hard for me to imagine that there are people in the world who do not have any hobbies at all, because without them life is empty and not interesting.

Personally, I have a lot of hobbies, the main of which I think is dancing. I’m not even just keen on dancing, but I consider them a matter of my life. I have been going to dance school for two years and every day I like doing it more and more. During the time I attended school, I learned a lot and even performed on stage several times, took part in charity concerts.

Another of my hobbies is photography. I love to take pictures and myself to shoot interesting shots, for example, to photograph funny animals.

I also like music, I prefer rhythmic, clockwork tunes, but sometimes I like to sink, listening to slow and romantic songs. To not very serious my hobbies include walks with friends, singing songs in karaoke, hiking with my mom for shopping, watching comedies, a collection of magnets. I often get souvenir magnets from different cities and countries, and I proudly decorate them with a refrigerator.

If we talk about travel, then they can also be attributed to one of my hobbies, even to one of the main, on a par with dancing. I adore traveling, learning something new, I like to ride trains, falling asleep under the rhythmic knocking of their wheels. I also like walking on the boat, especially in good hot weather.

Still I like to bathe, sunbathe, go to visit, get acquainted with new people. I’m interested in life itself! I’m fascinated by her as the most amazing journey, because there are so many interesting, mysterious, wonderful things in her!

My hobbies help me to be happy and make me an extraordinary person. I believe that every person should be passionate about something in this life. Something or someone. After all, you can get carried away and communicate with another person!

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“My hobbies and hobbies” composition