Summary of the “Cow” Platonov

The boy comes to his cow in the barn, talks with the darling, wants to hug her, but she is indifferent to caress. She is concentrating on chewing dry grass and thinking about her. The animal’s thoughts on that day were directed toward the son-calf. He choked, began to feel bad, and the father of the boy Vasi Rubtsov took the calf to the station to show the doctor. Vasya loved his cow, he stroked her udder, which gave milk. It is from this episode that the Platonic narrative begins. The summary (“The Cow”, as is already clear, a touching story about the love of animals) carries the reader to the station. As Vasili’s father was absent, the mother asked her son to meet the train. He immediately agreed and went to wait for the composition. But the boy really wanted the train to come faster, because it was time to do the lessons. He studied at the seven-year school and was a diligent student. The study provided the child with pleasure, as each time he learned something


And, at last, the train appeared. He walked with difficulty, as the road climbed uphill. The assistant driver threw sand under the wheels so that they would not slip. Here such subtleties in the work of locomotives are described by Andrey Platonov.

The summary (“Cow” – a rather sad story), unfortunately, can not fully reveal the character of the boy Vasily. However, we can get a general idea of ​​it.

Description of the character of the main character

Vasya went to the assistant driver and said that he climbed into the cabin, and he himself would pour sand onto the rails. So they did. The assistant driver respectfully looked at the child and thought that if he did not have his son, then he would adopt this boy. Vasya himself liked this work. Moreover, he gave good advice, saying that you need to order a tinsmith a box for sand more, as in this it fits a little. Then Vasily was asked to see if there were any brakes in the car. He coped with this task. That’s the kind of business guy that draws Platonov to us. A brief summary (“The Cow” –

a story that talks about the serious nature of this little man) allows us to present the character of the boy in general terms.

The tragic denouement

The cow often mournfully moaned, as if calling her son. Father Basil came only the next day and one. The son asked him where the calf was. The father said that the doctor helped the calf, but he sold it for meat at a good price. All this time the cow moaned mournfully. She did not eat the bread and salt that the boy brought her. Then goes to the most sad moment of the short story of the “Cow”. Platonov writes that on the animal family the land sometimes plowed. Since her son disappeared, the cow has become indifferent to everything. She searched for him, often went out on the railway tracks and went there. Once she was hit by a train. About this tragic incident says in his work Platonov.

Summary: The cow died – what happened next?

Father and son sold it for meat, the boy wrote about his favorite in the school essay. Vasya wrote that the cow plowed, gave them milk, gave his son, and then his meat. This ends the narrative.

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Summary of the “Cow” Platonov