The problem of perception of nature

Nature is all life around us: fields, rivers, lakes, seas… And our whole life depends on the wealth of the earth, the health of wildlife. But every person has his own attitude towards her. In this we are convinced by the author, raising an important problem of perception of the beauty of nature.

In our difficult times, it is extremely relevant. It is felt that the hero-narrator loves his native village, its river, meadows and fields. This feeling is intertwined in his soul with another – a love for Valeria, to which he reveals his soul. The author’s position sounds in the final text. Vladimir Soloukhin believes that one can not doubt the “power of nature”. For happiness, a person needs only a single water lily, which will please him and warm his soul with love for nature.

I agree with the position of the author. The beauty of nature has its own effect on man. Me it sates with energy, it gives vitality. This is an opportunity to survive in the conditions of a metropolis. Nature educates every person, making kinder, better, richer. I can confirm a number of examples.

Eugene Bazarov – the hero of the novel I. Turgenev’s “Fathers and Sons” in its own way perceives nature. He says: “Nature is not a temple, but a workshop, and the person in it is an employee.” He is not a contemplator of beauty, but a man of action who believes that nature should be beneficial. And here is another example from the literature. Everyone knows the famous “scene with an oak” from Leo Tolstoy’s novel “War and Peace”. This tree helped the main character, Andrei Bolkonsky, to reconsider his views on life.

Nature for man and the temple, and the workshop. He who is indifferent to it, impoverishes himself. We must always remember the words of Mikhail Prishvin: “We are masters of our nature, and it is for us a pantry of the sun.”

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The problem of perception of nature