Writing about water

Every day people consume water, a lot of water. Water is life itself, every day a person needs to drink.

Living water for all does not appear in the modern world from nowhere. But, thank God, scientists, technicians and workers have ways to deliver water to people. This is also a sewage treatment plant that filters wastewater. These are desalination plants that make drinking water from salty water. These are pumps that pump water from underground sources. For example, in the desert lands of Australia, people extract water from a huge underground basin, which by a miracle of nature formed in the sandstone. Water would not seep through the centuries into a huge underground sponge – and almost the entire population of Australia would not have anything to drink.

We can not save water when we take a shower. Somewhere at this time, women are gathering muddy water from the river to bring their own family, dragging home heavy buckets. Somewhere a drop of pure water is worth

its weight in gold.

In general, it’s crazy to get off, on average, a resident of a city on the planet spends an average of two hundred to four hundred liters of water for his life. I really do not know who believed it was calculated on average. And over time water consumption has increased, we spend twice as much water on ourselves than our grandparents.

Sometimes water pours out in vain for stupidity. Through a broken tap, uneconomical washing machine, leaking tank in the toilet. And thus more than billion person on a planet is deprived normal drinking water or tests its lack.

There are so many ways to save water. For example, put a special nozzle-aerator on the tap or shower to reduce the head. Often, the water pressure in household appliances is greater than the family that uses them really needs.

To bring a precious gulp of clean water to a person, other people build water pipes, drill wells on stony ground. I think they should be thanked for it from the heart.

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Writing about water