Biography of Maxim Tank

Maxim Tank is a Belarusian poet and writer.

Eugene was born on September 17, 1912 in the village of Pilkovschina in Belarus. Then he took part in the revolution in Western Belorussia. In the biography of Maxim Tank, the civil position was always actively expressed. For this he was arrested in 1933, as well as in 1934. The first published collection of poems in the biography of M. Tank was published in 1936 – “On the stages.” It was followed by a collection of “Cranberry” in 1937, then “Under the mast” in 1938. In all these books, the poet supported the people’s struggle for the liberation of their native land.

Tank was a correspondent in the newspaper “Vileyskaya Pravda”, and during the Great Patriotic War he worked in the press. Even in the war, in the biography of Tanka, writing activity was not abandoned. In 1942 he wrote the poem “Yanuk Syaliba”, and in 1945 created two collections of poems. When the war ended, Tank began to work in the magazine “Vozhyk” editor, and later – the chief editor in the magazine “Polymya.”

For a complete biography of Tank was created many books, poems, collections. Among the famous works of Tank – “The Trail of Lightning,” “A Sip of Water,” “Let there be Light,” “Ave Maria.” The writer has many titles and awards. In 1948 he received the Stalin Prize, in 1978 – Lenin, and in 1968 – the title of People’s Poet of Belarus.

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Biography of Maxim Tank