Biography of Daisuke Matsusaka

Biography of Daisuke Matsusaka

Daisuke Matsusaka is a baseball player who was born on September 13, 1980 in Higashi Tsugaru-gu, Aomori, Japan. Best known as the reliever of the Boston Red Sox team.

Daisuke is one of Japan’s most famous athletes. Various parts of the biography of Daisuke Matsusaka were intensively covered in the mass media, which brought him even greater popularity. Perhaps the athlete was not prepared for the circus press that followed him all the way through the war between the four different Major League Baseball clubs in late 2006.

In November, the “Boston Red Sox” agreed to pay the Japanese club “Seibu Lions”, which included Daisuke, $ 52 million. In December, Matsusaka and “Red Sox” signed a contract, which said that they will pay an additional 52 million for more than six years. Such actions have increased the payment of the Red Sox to 104 million.

Matsusaka brilliantly played in the Japanese professional league from 1999 to 2006, all the time for “Siebu Lions”. He accumulated a total of 108 wins, 60 losses.

Daisuke is internationally known for his performance at the 2004 Summer Olympics, where he helped Japan win the Bronze Medal. In 2006, in the traditional World Baseball, he was the victorious pitcher of the championship game. Due to this in the biography of Daisuke Matsusaka was awarded the title of the most valuable player.

The athlete made the first pitch for the Boston Red Sox team on April 5, 2007 against Kansas City Royals, allowing one run in seven innings, securing a Red Sox victory with a score of 4-1. He is known in the Major League simply as “Dice-K”.

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Biography of Daisuke Matsusaka