Biography of Art Buchwald

Biography of Art Buchwald

Art Buchwald – American journalist and humorist, was born in New York.

Living in Paris, he received in 1949 the position of editor of the humorous column of the magazine “New York Herald Tribune”.

In 1962, he returned to the United States, where from 1967 to 2006, his humorous columns are simultaneously published in the Los Angeles Times and Tribune Media Services. In the biography of Art Buhvald there was a time when his column appeared in more than five hundred newspapers at the height of his popularity.

He was awarded the 1982 Pulitzer Prize for outstanding commentary.

In 1988, Art Buchwald and film producer Alain Bernheim successfully sued the company Paramount Studios on charges that Paramount spoils the author’s good reputation and profitably uses the idea of ​​Buchwald’s “King for a Day” story, on the basis of which Paramount filmed the film “A Trip to the America “.

The columns of Art Buchwald were collected in more than 30 editions. He also wrote two memoir books – “Leaving Home” and “I’ll Always Have Paris”. .

Ten years later, he suffers a serious deterioration in his health, but preferring to avoid dialysis, moves to the hospital for hopelessly sick. Then, after an unexpected recovery, he describes in detail his illness and recovery in the book “Early to Say Goodbye.”

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Biography of Art Buchwald