Biography of Mark Zakharov

Mark Anatolievich Zakharov – director of theater and cinema, People’s Artist of the USSR, head of the Moscow State Theater Lenkom.

Mark Zakharov was born in Moscow on October 13, 1933 in a family of teachers. His mother was an actress, but after her father was arrested in 1914, she was forced to leave the theater to feed her family. Therefore, most of his childhood in his biography Mark Zakharov spent with his grandmother – Sophia Bardina. In 1943 the family of Zakharovs returned to Moscow. Mark’s mother worked as a teacher in children’s drama clubs. The theater the future director has taken a great interest in the childhood. At first he attended children’s drama clubs. After graduating from school, entered the GITIS, the acting department.

His first roles in the theater Mark Zakharov in the biography played a second year at the institute. Then, after graduation, he got into distribution in the Perm Drama Theater. In Perm, besides the

development of his acting abilities and participation in various productions, Zakharov was engaged in other creative work: he wrote children’s poems, drew, organized “skits”. In 1956 Mark was seriously interested in directing. The debut in this area in the biography of Mark Zakharov was the production of “The Aristocrats”. Noticing the ability to hold people’s attention for a long time, to supervise, Zakharov decided not to leave this occupation.

In 1959 he returned to Moscow, began to work at the Gogol Theater. However, later goes to the theater, where his wife Nina Lapshinova worked, – the Variety Theater of Miniatures. Here Zakharov acquired a valuable literary experience. He not only wrote scenes and dialogues for some of his productions, but even created miniatures, put on them performances.

When in the biography of Zakharov came the first success as a director, he decided that he could no longer be an actor. After several successful performances, Zakharov even went abroad with them.

Since 1965 he works as a director in the Moscow Theater of Satire. His

first performance on the stage of this theater “Profitable place” had an incredible success. But for ideological reasons the play was soon banned, as well as the next production of “Banquet”. Thanks to the support of A. Goncharov, who heads the Mayakovsky Theater, Zakharov staged the play “The Rout”, which went for a long time.

Then in Mark Zakharov’s biography in 1973 the most important event took place – he headed the theater of the Leninist Komsomol. After the appointment of Zakharov as the main director in the theater, a lot of interesting performances were staged, comedy, satirical, live. Zakharov managed to renew the interest of spectators to the theater of the Leninist Komsomol, to attract a young audience. Zakharov played a big role in music. The rock opera “Juno and Avos”, set under his leadership, enjoyed great popularity during the tour around Europe.

In addition to theatrical performances, in the biography of Zakharov, a significant role was played by cinema. His debut film “The Twelve Chairs” is still loved by the audience. Among other cinematographic works of Zakharov: “Ordinary Miracle”, “The Munchausen”, “The Formula of Love”, “Kill the Dragon”.

In 1983, Zakharov began teaching directing at his home institute – GITIS. For the whole biography Mark Zakharov received many awards, titles, orders and other awards. In 1991 he was awarded the title People’s Artist of the USSR.

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Biography of Mark Zakharov