Biography of Alena Doletskaya

Biography of Alena Doletskaya

Alena Stanislavovna Doletskaya is a talent in the art world, head of the “Interview” publication. Former editor in chief of the magazine “Vogue”.

Early years

Alena Doletskaya is a magnificent woman and a true professional of her craft was born on January 10, 1955 in Moscow in a family of doctors. But grandfather Alena was the general director of the agency TASS. Parents insisted that her daughter follow in their footsteps, and the girl, without resistance, graduated from medical university. She was always attracted to the humanities. She graduated from Moscow State University. Lomonosov, majoring in philology and after defending his doctoral dissertation, remained working at the university as a teacher of foreign languages. She really enjoyed translating

and publishing books by such famous writers as William Faulkner and Ray Bradbury.

The first steps towards the glory

Alena was quite ambitious and purposeful girl, she had little teaching career, she dreamed to achieve something more. In Soviet times, Doletskaya set herself a fairly complex and, in fact, impossible task. At that time her husband was very helpful – Boris Asoyan. Thanks to his help, Alena was able to get a job in a large corporation De Beers. This institution was associated with the diamond market.
Until 1994, Alena worked in the corporation as a media consultant, and then was calculated from the company. After that, the woman got a job in a popular foreign magazine “Cosmopolitan”. After it became a tele correspondent.
The most significant event for Doletsky was the post of Director for Relations of the British Council in Russia. It was thanks to this work that she gained new experience, organizing various art exhibitions and projects.


In 1998, Alena receives a proposal that radically changes her whole life – the publishers of the magazine “Vogue” offer her the position of editor-in-chief. She did not just have to take this high position, but also completely revise the concept of a foreign journal so that it would fit Russian readers.

In 2008, Alena is engaged in charity, she takes part in the project “Snob.”
Until 2010, Alain successfully managed the magazine and was able to achieve that it is at the level of one of the most popular glossy publications of the country. Soon she leaves the position of her own free will.
In 2011, Alain put forward the idea of ​​launching the publication of the magazine “Interview”, the creation of Andy Warhol. Along with this project, Alena is engaged in the same for German publishers.

Personal life

Alain Doletskaya does not tell journalists about her personal life. Earlier it was known that she was married to Boris Asoyan, who held the leading position of an expert in South Africa, and after that received a good post in Boston. In 1992, Boris under unknown circumstances committed suicide. Some friends of the family often recalled the conflicts between him and Alena, which could well have caused his tragic death.

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Biography of Alena Doletskaya