The artist thinks in the images he draws shows the composition

“The artist thinks in images, he draws, shows, depicts,” wrote Grigory Yakovlevich Solganik, Doctor of Philology. “This is the specificity of the language of fiction,” – this is the end of this statement.

In principle, everything is clear. As for me – and, in general, nothing new this doctor of science did not say. After all, if literature belongs to the category of art, then the language by which it is written is artistic, that is, behind the definition – colorful, imaginative, graphic. Even if to judge – what, if not such, should be specificity of the language of fiction? In addition to agreeing with such words-the definition of G. Ya. Solganik, then nothing more can be done. Deceive yourself: to admire the congeniality of the phrase, to say that this expression of it has no earthly framework – no! I will not do that, I’m sorry. Without any doubt, I agree with the essence of the phrase, it is clear to the banality and

simple to primitive.

Let’s try to prove the position from the opposite? Yes, easily! Show me that person who will persist in that a creative person with a pronounced artistic principle, in this case a writer, thinks in a stereotyped, stingy, gray way without connecting his imagination. Oh, there are not enough objects for counterargument? Well, it’s that.

Without a doubt, Doctor of Philology Grigory Yakovlevich Solganik – a great man, intelligent, authoritative. The veiled definition of fiction in his words is understandable, with such a definition I agree with pleasure, but by no means am I moved.

Indeed, the Russian language is so powerful and rich that its verbal and constructive stock equips any person with enough means for verbalizing images, pictures, any phenomena and events. “Artist” – script, behind Solganik, can, using the rich Russian language, convey the desired images and pictures of the target audience, thereby revealing the essence of fiction.

Russian fiction is really very expressive, the masters of the pen with their light hand so subtly

notice the nuances, tones and semitones of events and phenomena that when you read their works, then without noticing, you become a witness to the described topics: everything you see and hear, feel and feel. Here, of course, it must be said that the grain of the writer must fall to the proper level of development of the imagination of the soil. There is no adequate imagination and erudition in the reader – and all efforts of the writer are either partially leveled, or even vanish in vain.

Subtle metaphors, colorful epithets, rigid antitheses, excellent comparisons and other means, trails and stylistic figures – these are effectively used armaments of Russian fiction. And thank you Lord, that he gave us, Russians, such a colorful language, the opportunity to live and create, listen and appreciate!

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The artist thinks in the images he draws shows the composition