Summary of “Moscow Petushki” by Erofeeva

Summary of “Moscow Petushki” by Erofeeva

Venichka Erofeev travels from Moscow to the regional center near Moscow called Petushki. There lives a sweetheart hero, delightful and unique, to which he travels on Fridays, buying a bag of sweets “Cornflower” as a gift.

Venichka Erofeev has already begun his wanderings. The day before, he had taken a glass of teeth, and then – on Kaliayevskaya – another glass, no longer teeth, but coriander, followed by two more circles of Zhigulevsky beer and from the neck – alb-de-dessert. “You, of course, ask: and then, Venichka, and then, what did you drink?” The hero will not slow down with an answer, though, with some difficulty, restoring the sequence of his actions: on the street Chekhov two glasses of hunting.

And then he went to the Center

to see the Kremlin at least once, although he knew that he would still end up on Kursk railway station. But he did not get to Kursk, but got into some unknown entrance, from which he left – with a dull weight in his heart – when it was light. With a pathetic tear, he asks: what is more in this burden – paralysis or nausea? “Oh, ephemeral! Oh, the most powerless and shameful time in the life of my people – the time from dawn to the opening of stores!” Venichka, as he himself says, does not go, but is attracted, overcoming hangover nausea, to the Kursky railway station, from where the train goes to the desired Petushki. At the station he enters the restaurant, and his soul shudders in desperation when the bouncer reports that there is no alcohol. His soul craves very little – only eight hundred grams of sherry.

And for this thirst – with all his hungover faint-heartedness and gentleness – under the white hands are picked up and pushed into the air, followed by a suitcase with presents (“O bestial grin of being!”). Two more “mortal” hours will pass before departure, which Venichka prefers to pass over in silence, and here he is already on some rise: his suitcase has acquired some weight. In it – two bottles of Kuban, two quarters of Russian and pink

strong. And two more sandwiches, because the first dose of Venichka without snacks can not.

This then, until the ninth, he is already calm without it, but after the ninth again I need a sandwich. Venichka frankly shares with the reader the subtle nuances of his way of life, that is, drinking, he spit on the irony of the imaginary interlocutors, among whom are God, then angels, then people. Most of all in his soul, according to his confession, “sorrow” and “fear” and yet dumbness, every day in the morning his heart exudes this infusion and bathes in it until evening. And how, knowing that “world sorrow” is not a fiction, not to drink Kuban?

So, after examining his treasures, Venichka was restrained. Is that what he wants? Does his soul yearn for this? No, this is not what he wants, but it is desirable. He takes a quarter and a sandwich, goes out into the vestibule and finally lets out his exhausted spirit. He drinks while the train passes between the stations Serp and Molot – Karacharovo, then Karacharovo – Chukhlinka, etc. He is already able to perceive the impressions of being, he is able to recall the different stories of his life, revealing his thin and trembling soul to the reader.

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Summary of “Moscow Petushki” by Erofeeva