Composition my day off

Most people in our country work five days a week, but students and schoolchildren have always worked six days a week. Only recently some schools began to study only five days a week, but this mainly applies to primary school. I’m in the eleventh grade, so I have to go to school six days a week. Sunday is my only day off.

I really love Sunday. There is no need to hurry, after all the everyday affairs you can go where you want. On this day, I wake up later than usual. On TV on Sunday morning there is always some interesting program, so I watch it before breakfast. On Sunday we have for breakfast something special dish, cake or rolls, and everyone drinks two cups of tea instead of one. On the other hand, on Sunday I have to wash the dishes, since I can not say that I’m late for school.

I call my friends and we discuss plans for the day off. Sometimes we go to the movies. We were in most of the museums and art galleries of the city, and still much more to see. For

example, last Sunday we went to the Botanical Garden. Outdoors, there were many bright colors; We also saw rare tropical plants. They were in the greenhouses, because our climate is too cold for them. We had a very pleasant time.

When the weather is good, it’s nice to go out of town. We are looking for a beautiful place in the forest or on the river bank. We take food with us and have a snack in the fresh air. We play different games, swim and sunbathe. In winter we ski on the hills near the city. We make a snowman and play snowballs. Sometimes my friends and I go to the ice rink.

When the weather is bad, I sit at home, and my friends sometimes come to me. They bring new tapes, and we listen to them or just talk.

In the evening our whole family gathers together. We dine, make plans for tomorrow, watch TV or read. Sometimes we receive guests or go for a walk. I get a lot of fun from the weekend.

By the way a person uses his leisure, we can determine his character. For most people, work is a necessity: they go to the office or to the plant to earn a living. But in their spare time they can do what they really like. Some prefer a passive rest. They relax by watching TV or reading a book. Others rest actively: they dig in the garden or go in for sports.

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Composition my day off