This is a wonderful person

The most wonderful person I have ever known is my great-grandmother. She died last year, but for me, in my memory, she will remain forever alive. What is remarkable is my great-grandmother? My life. I often asked Grandma about what she experienced in her 80 years. Some of her stories are striking in their unusualness.

My great-grandmother Maria Sergeyevna was born and almost all her life she lived in the Bryansk region. The beginning of the war caught her in the village of Kletnya. Grandmother, then quite a young woman, worked on the collective farm. They lived in starvation because they did not pay money to the collective farmers – they only counted workdays, and then they paid with food, regardless of whether the big family or not. The family was traditionally large, so hunger was a frequent visitor in their home.

When the fascists came, Granny, like many villagers, went to the forest to partisan. In the partisan detachment, my grandmother was a cook. Soon she fell

in love with one partisan, my great-grandfather Pavel Ivanovich. He, too, was in love with a beautiful young cook, and one day they asked the squad leader to paint them. They modestly played partisan weddings and continued to live as before: great-grandfather fought and blew up enemy echelons, great-grandmother cooked meals for soldiers. Pavel did not return from one combat mission. Great-grandmother, already pregnant with my grandfather, was left alone. It was impossible to give birth in the detachment, and she went to give birth in her village.

Just at that time, a fascist patrol came into the village. The Germans seized a young partisan and sent them to a concentration camp. Of course, it was not such a concentration camp as Buchenwald, but simpler: a piece of land fenced with barbed wire, on which the prisoners dug themselves dugouts and planted vegetable gardens. There my grandmother gave birth to my grandfather.

Then there were many more misadventures, but I remember this story for the rest of my life. Such usual seemingly stories, which my great-grandmother Maria Sergeyevna told me, made for me the history of my Motherland much closer. I understood many facts that had previously been to me like a fog.

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This is a wonderful person