Family tree

It has long been our belief that the life of all people on Earth – the past and the modern generations – forms the gigantic Tree of the Kind. We all also know the biblical story of how the Lord created the first people on earth. Our ancestors believed that the tree of the human race also began to grow from the first people – Adam and Eve. They became his first sprout. And just as a tree grows from a small stalk in the forest, so does the Tree of the human race become bigger and bigger. After all, with the birth of each new person, new branches are added on it.

In our common human family tree, the first sprouts were first the children, and then the grandchildren of Adam and Eve, great-grandchildren and great-grandsons. And this tree has grown to our time. So, if we believe this legend, then we can assume that each of us is a distant-old-fashioned descendant of Adam and Eve, who started the human race. Great and powerful now is this tree. There is no such people

or clan that would not have its branch or branches on the Tree of the Kind. Each of us has a small leaf on it. Perhaps today it would be very difficult to depict the tree of the whole human race in such a way that it will remember all the people on it, all generations.

But the tree of your family, kind, you can create. Thanks to him we will preserve the memory of our ancestors, we will learn more about the generations that lived before us.

A wide and spreading tree of the kind where such memory has long been respected, where family relics, stories about the life and deeds of grandfathers and great-grandfathers, old, yellowed from time, are transmitted from generation to generation. Such things are of special importance. All of them are witnesses of the existence of man.

There is a popular expression: remember until the seventh tribe. The knee is one generation of the genus. About someone who remembers his ancestors to the seventh tribe, we can say that he knows his kind very well. After all, every person is the first tribe, his parents – the second tribe, grandfathers and grandmothers –

the third tribe, great-grandparents – the fourth. To know the genus before the seventh tribe means to know the distant ancestors of which the family tree begins.

It is worth each of us to go deeper into the historical memory of our family to understand – a tree of a kind spread and large. It unites representatives of different families, intertwined with living branches to continue their generation.

A new family is created when two people meet and marry. So unite in one branch of two different families with their traditions, habits, memory of their ancestors. Then the children are born. They become new branches on the common branches of the two genera.

To explore a tree of its kind is very interesting. After all, you will learn more about what your ancestors did, how they lived, how many children they had, what actions they did, what their names were.

Most often depict a tree of the family or family in the form of oak. This is also not accidental. The fact that the oak tree – all trees tree, different people knew from a long time ago. The original tribes believed that it was on the oak that the strongest of their gods lived – the masters of heaven, rain, thunder, lightning. The Greeks oak was considered the sacred tree of Zeus, the Romans – Jupiter. Our Slavic ancestors did not doubt that the oak tree is the tree of the god of the thunder of Perun, who was sacrificed to the oak.

Remained written evidence of ancient historians that on the island of Khortytsa grew a huge oak, which was worshiped and sacrificed by the inhabitants of Ukraine-Rus. So from a remote antiquity the oak is a sign of strength, holiness, the highest honor. From folk narrations and legends, you can also learn that the oak is generally considered to be the sacred tree of the Slavs, which gives strength, wisdom, is considered the support of the whole world. And just as the old oaks cherish the memory of the past, so the tree of the family also protects it, it becomes a support for education in honor of the great-grandfathers of past generations.

On each family tree, which is sometimes called genial, one can read not only the fate of one family, but a real book of life, the history of a whole nation. Since each family is a part of society that reflects all the processes that occur in it.

Unfortunately, there was a time when the memory of the family was not respected in our country. Therefore, today many people do not know and do not remember the names of their great-grandparents, nor how they lived, who they were. A lot of bitter milestones in our history have also become apparent on the family trees of the families of Ukraine. One had to survive the loss of loved ones during the Stalinist repressions. The others famished famine of 1932-1933 years. For the third, bitter times the losses were war. When such a disaster happened, people died, each time the twigs withered on the tree trees. They could not give more green shoots that would grow and grow, make the tree richer and stronger.

Today there are people who consider it fashionable and prestigious to tell from TV screens about their four-legged friends. They proudly display documents about the pedigree of their cat or dog, flaunt it. This, of course, is their business. Taras Shevchenko wrote that we are “people, not dogs”. And first of all we should be proud of our own family, family, country.

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Family tree