Calendar of Russian nature

June, in Slavic “wormwood”, is the red month, the blush of the year. For the production of red paint, an insect-worm was used for the first time. Hence the name: “scarlet banner”. This is the color of the ancient battle banners of the Slavic detachments in Russia, the national, national, oldest red favorite by Russians. Involuntarily you will remember also the red gold, well known to our forefathers…

There is also a dyed herb – cherenitsa. Czerweni was painted clothes of Russian heroes. The red roots were reddened in the old times by hawthorns and peasant girls. Hence the name of this herb is a blush.

It was summer. On forest glades, a grass is not above the knees. The strawberry flushed in the sun. The raspberry, lingonberry, and dogrose are abundant in blossom. Gathers buds of lime…

After a shower of rains and cold weather, the long-awaited warmth came. Everything became bright and juicy in the forest. At the time to go

with purses for berries.

In July, the whole forest is good, but some trees deserve special admiration, and above all it is a linden tree. It’s impossible to pass the lime trees: it stops a strong aroma. Drunk bees are drunk with nectar. All day long they are buzzing and buzzing. Element of honey pores. It is not for nothing that in the old days and month July, and honey from limes wore one purely Russian name: “Lipets”.

When the linden started to blossom, no bird’s voices are heard in the forest, only grasshoppers chirrup at different ways with grasshoppers…

… On the day when the first buds burst on the linden, there was no dew from the morning, the swallows flew low. A huge cloud captured half the sky. Somewhere, on the other side of the cloud, lightning flashed; with each flash in the blue sky, the jagged edges of the clouds clearly appeared. In the forest it became quiet, everything froze. And then the first drops rattled the leaves of the hushed trees. And then the wind blew, the rain began to rustle, the trees were pumped up by peaks… Soon the cloud passed, wet leaves gleamed in the sun, steam rose from the warmed earth, and again everything revived around. The air was sharply smelled with lime flowers.

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Calendar of Russian nature