Painting by Vlasenko “On the Road”

Autumn is a favorite of many of us at times. We so like golden trees, which shimmer with all sorts of warm colors. But, autumn is not always so beautiful and fabulous. There comes a time when all the foliage is falling and the trees are exposed. On the street, dampness and slush after frequent, and maybe even rainy. I do not think many fall like this autumn. Therefore, in order to depict the greatness and such an inclement element, real talent is needed. It was such a skill possessed by a great artist – II Levitan.

On his canvas “Autumn: The Road in the Village” Levitan uses exclusively dark colors. The sky that has just spilled tons of rainy water to the ground looks drained and cloudy. I think, soon, the rain will start again.

The road that leads to the village is completely washed out. It is difficult to pass through it, not that to ride a horse-drawn cart.

Houses in the village are also painted in dark colors. The tree, from which they were built, got pretty wet under constant torrential rains, and it turned dark.

There is not a single leaf on the trees. They turned yellow and flew under the breeze of a strong wind. Peering into the canvas, it seems to be fascinating. The viewer becomes its participant. We introduce ourselves in rubber boots, in warm clothes, which protect our faces from the impetuous gusts of the wind. We rave along the wet and viscous road towards our house. And then, our gaze rivets the horizon, which is freed from the dark clouds. In the distance, the blue sky is visible. This tells us that soon cloudy clouds will dissipate and a clear day will come. And with it will come the first frosts, because the winter is not far off. Hence, not everything is so gray and gloomy on this canvas.

II Levitan masterfully depicted the autumn is not in its best manifestations. But, and it will end and pass. And to replace it will come another time of the year.

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Painting by Vlasenko “On the Road”