How I usually clean the apartment

How I usually clean the apartment

On Saturdays, my mom and I usually clean the apartment: I – my room, my mother – a bedroom, and then together – a living room, kitchen, corridor, bathroom.

In the beginning, I wipe the dust off the furniture with a soft rag, then my floor and lastly I vacuum the sofa and carpet on the floor. This is the main part of cleaning is completed. But there is something else that requires attention and even gives me pleasure. This care for indoor flowers.

I make them “shower” in the bathroom: I spray on the leaves from the bottle with a spray. Then I loosen the ground, my pallets, wipe the pots, water, every two weeks I feed them with a special solution. Having placed flowers in the same places, I admire their bright greenery. And they, probably, are grateful to me for attention.

I also like to put books into places: I always come across something interesting in our library. The same happens with disks, cassettes. You will take care to put things in order on the computer desk, in the cabinet for the equipment – and you will certainly make for yourself some discovery, remember the forgotten thing, you will find the lost.

Mom says that cleaning her apartment calms. I also find some pleasure in this occupation, and therefore I always participate, as the pope says, in “socially useful work”.

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How I usually clean the apartment