Composition on “Greed”

I want to talk in more detail about the key topic of the day, whose name is “Greed.” And I’m sure that it is necessary, first of all, to me).

Wikipedia says: “greed is an immoderate desire for possession or consumption, which can manifest itself in two directions: greed or stinginess.” The key word here is clearly an adjective: immoderate, since you agree, the desire to have something or to own something does not at all mean that we are greedy… If it were not for our ambitions and “laziness”, we would still pores were sitting in caves.

In simpler terms, greed is the desire to receive more, and at the same time to give less; insatiable desire to assign to itself all one…

In actual fact, these are the two sides of the same coin: greed provokes everything to “enter”, and avarice – inhibits the “output.” If we imagine greed as an energy matrix, then all that is in us should go out with

the same success. Let’s remember the baby). As soon as he begins to understand, to know the surrounding world, we start to feed him, he starts constipation, the matrix of greed begins to form: “Give.” And if you imagine greed in the form of a check valve, then he starts to act up: either do not let go (do not give energy, matter) or do not let in. Both that, and another, are fraught with for a normal status of the person.

In order to work out greed, one has to understand the mechanism of simultaneous entering and leaving of energy, which people position in proverbs: “How many took, so much and gave”, “Want to get – give”. And if you want something from life, then remember that until you give it away, you will get nothing in return: the space will be closed to you.

The mistake is that greed, most often, is projected only on people’s direct attitude to money and property:

Inability to part with them;

Miserliness in relation to close people;

Inability to lend or give;

Inability to sacrifice, give, just give…;


to spend on yourself.

Unfortunately, our matrix “ZhA-dnosti” works at all levels of life. Check yourself. To understand how greedy you are, you can, analyzing its possible consequences and at the physical level, if you exist:

Constipation (history has repeatedly argued that the world’s richest people were dying from this disease;

Difficulty breathing (“the toad strangles”);

Excessive fullness or leanness (anarexia).

On a spiritual level, greed is manifested in:

Inability to forgive;

Inability to love;

Unwillingness to give oneself in sex, respectively, on the face of the fact of a lack of orgasm, sex itself;

Inability to accept gifts,

Inability to honestly admit to yourself and the space that you want more;

Unwillingness to give knowledge, experience;

As a result, there is no health, no family, no money and no happiness.

Working through greed, we cultivate in ourselves the generosity that leads us to a natural return. At the physical level, it is accompanied by the release of fluid at all levels (vomiting, diarrhea, tears, runny nose, sweat). And already as a consequence – weight loss, enlightenment, the absence of headaches and sores, inner harmony.

If we dig further, greed is certainly a derivative of our fear (to remain a beggar, not destiny, overboard) and envy. And this is another topic for further discussion.

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Composition on “Greed”