“Labor traditions of the family” composition

All families are different and each of them has its own traditions. The common traditions of every family are different holidays, for which all members of the family come together. In our family, too, there are such traditions. Still, as in many families, there are labor traditions in my family. Every spring we go to the dacha with the whole family, where we dig the earth and plant various crops. I always help my mother put tomatoes and cucumbers in a greenhouse. This is not an easy task, as it is very hot and humid.

We all drip the earth together, and then we put potatoes on this place. We have already completed the entire process, which is repeated every year. We break up in pairs: I’m with my father and grandmother and grandfather. Dad digs and pits, and I put in them sprouted potatoes. Then we go to the next row and bury the previous one. The team turns out all pretty quickly and most importantly fun. Mom at this time is preparing for us a delicious dinner.

Naturally, in the autumn we will dig out the potatoes planted by us. We are also all going, choose a warm sunny day and go to the country. There, we also break into pairs. Dad digs, and I collect potatoes in a bucket. Thanks to the fact that our family is very friendly, we are quickly coping with this task. When all the potatoes are dug, it must dry up, and only then we collect it in bags and the father and grandfather take her to the garage, where she will be kept all winter.

This is the most important labor tradition of my family. After all, every year we plant and dig up potatoes. Everybody knows that joint work unites, precisely for this reason our family is so united and united. We will never refuse to help each other and help out in difficult situations. I believe that traditions should be in every family. They unite family members. I like to work together, and spend time with my family.

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“Labor traditions of the family” composition