Biography of Vasily Stepanov

Vasily Stepanov is a movie actor.

Vasily was born in Moscow, although his parents are from a small village in the Smolensk region. In the biography of Vasily Stepanov, the decision to become an actor did not come immediately. And his family is uncreative – his father is a policeman, his mother is also far from acting.

At the end of nine classes, Vasily went to study in the technical school of physical culture. The already excellent external data helped to improve the constant training in hand-to-hand combat.

At the end of the technical school for Vasily Stepanov biography again did not foreshow the cinematic fame. He enrolled in a law school, but did not study there for long, realizing that the right is not his vocation. Then went a series of small podrabotok.

Deciding later to engage in acting, Vasily applied to the VGIK, studied there in the preparatory courses. Then in his biography Vasily Stepanov entered the Shchukinsky Theater School. While studying in the first year, Vasily’s appearance was noticed by Fedor Bondarchuk, who was just looking for the perfect man for his film “Inhabited Island”. Taking an academic vacation, Basil for 11 months starred in his first big role.

“Island” in the biography of Vasily Stepanov became a real breakthrough. A lot of the actor learned on a removable platform, and for the role itself, I even had to dye my hair, because Vasily is an unnatural blond. Despite the fact that for his biography actor Vasily Stepanov starred in two parts of the “Inhabited Island”, popularity has not yet had time to get enough.

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Biography of Vasily Stepanov