From the window of my room

From the window of my room

All is well in my room: flowers, sofa, chandelier, curtains. But these things are quite ordinary and standard, but with a view from the window I was more fortunate: every day I can admire the beauties of Mother Volga right from the apartment.

In the morning I open wide curtains, and to my gaze the whole captivating power of the Russian river opens. The water is calm, sometimes stormy, sometimes cloudy, then surprisingly transparent. The picture is always amazing!

Wet rocks on the shore shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. Frequent waves that drive a damp wind, now and then wash them. Coastal trees are reflected in clear water, and it seems that they actually grow in the river: such clear silhouettes are looming on the surface. A lighthouse flashes far, far away. He, like a guiding star, shows the way to the lost sailors. It is barely visible, and when the earth is enveloped by a dense fog, it disappears altogether.

And even frequent autumn rain does not spoil the beauty of the Volga. Drops fall to the surface and disappear in the abyss of water, leaving only a weak ripple.

I will not change anything for the pleasure of contemplating the amazing beauty of the Russian river. Nothing and will never replace your native spaces!

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From the window of my room