Joy and pain of creativity, 1 version

Creative success is, undoubtedly, a great joy. But to achieve it, you have to experience so much suffering – physical and spiritual! Whether it’s music, painting or another kind of art. For example, to achieve creative success in music, you must master the instrument perfectly. To own the instrument – how much to sweat! This is a great torment.

And you can argue: is the true creative person happy? After all, to truly surrender to art means to sacrifice oneself. Many poets wrote about the fact that a creative person must renounce the whole world, from everything that interferes with his art.

But I still think that a creative person is happy. After all, moments of inspiration – this is a great joy, than what you lose, renouncing everything, forgetting everything.

And then – creative success. I think it’s worth it to suffer for him. Any musician, poet, writer, artist dreams of recognizing his art. Hence, creative success is a dream come true.

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Joy and pain of creativity, 1 version