How to sell a song of your own composition

How to sell a song of your own composition

Today I’m starting a small but very informative series of articles on how to sell a song to our artists. This question is sooner or later raised by any person who writes songs “to the table”. And since almost no one has the opportunity to self-actualize on stage, as a rule, all newcomers write songs just for themselves. However, the desire to sell the song to “the star” is not something completely shameful. You must try. The main thing in this business is to have a lot of patience.

As you know, before you sell the song, you need to create it. Today, when there are more opportunities, writing a song is not such an impossible task. To do this, you need to be able to handle the sound editor and, most importantly, have a hearing. In addition, the song should

be composed by someone (it is desirable that the author himself did this, that is, you). This is done in order to show the performer how the song that you are selling to him will eventually sound. Many of these requirements may seem excessive, and this is your right, however, I assure you that otherwise you will not be able to sell the song. Certainly there will be someone who will make the song in a more visible light than you and in the end you will be left with nothing. Then what’s the point of starting something up?

Before you even get down to it, you should clearly understand that nobody is waiting for you in this industry. There are a lot of such talents. What is more eloquent about the mass of television projects: “Star Factory”, “Factor A”, “Battle of Choirs”, “Voice”, “People’s Artist.” These shows have no goal of making you a “star”, but they are an indication of how many people who have finished musical education sit at the “broken trough”. Many of them are delirious with music and in the end, not having received the proper results at these competitions, they go to parallel activities – writing music for popular performers. Thus, 2 rabbits are killed immediately. The first – earnings, the second – the opportunity

to be closer to the “stars”. By the way, often this way is even more profitable than the one,

When the understanding came (and more often this indefatigable desire to just engage in any business) is to sit down for work. To sell the song, you need to work hard on it. This is a rather complex process, which we will study in more detail in other articles. This includes many nuances, which at first glance may seem delusional, but eventually you will get a clear understanding of “what” and “how.” People call it “experience”. He will help you sell the song! The main thing is to believe in yourself. Without faith, all attempts are empty.

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How to sell a song of your own composition