All professions are important

All professions are important

In our time, each profession is important and necessary in its own way. There are many professions in the world. They are different, many-sided. Sometimes a person dreams of becoming an actor, a singer, an artist, but becomes a worker, teacher or journalist. But it does not mean. that he betrayed his dream. He can also be an amateur actor, and also maintain a love of singing or drawing, perfect it. But the most important thing in our time is higher education. After all, not studying at university, you can forget about a good and prestigious career.

But it happens to many that the ability to own this or that business is already in the blood, but you still need to learn. Many people believe that studying for an electrician, fitter or car mechanic is not prestigious. And how would we live without these specialists. There are many different professions in the world, it should be chosen according to the soul. You need to learn and work with pleasure. If a person is closer to creative professions, for example, such as. a teacher of music, a choreographer, an actor, a director, an artist, he will not be an economist or an accountant, and he will not work with pleasure. After graduating from school, crowds of young people begin an independent life. Everybody knows. that means to choose a profession, because sooner or later it will affect everyone.

Most choose a profession based on wages, less often from demand. and very few people choose a profession for the soul, and this is the most important thing. Of course, in life it is important to find a “one’s” profession. exactly the one that you like and your soul, so as not to suffer from unloved work. But unfortunately. often young people choose not what they want. but then. that is necessary, parents force. or go after friends, and thus kill talent. Choice of profession is a complex and responsible step in the life of every person for whom training and knowledge are needed. In this case, you can not be frivolous, because we all want. that the work pleased us, according to our interests. adequately paid.

There are no unnecessary professions in our life. At present, there are about 6,000 professions in Russia, and it is very difficult for many people to orient themselves in such a variety. Personally, I choose the profession myself, despite that. that my parents were against it at first. I’m going to be a sound engineer. I have many plans in this area. I want to work at a recording studio, but at once I can not achieve this, I need practice for several years. Practice I will be in the Samara Philharmonic. in ODL, or in the theater, but for this you must first finish the institute, so I’m going to go to study in this specialty.

But without music data in this area it is better not to pop. Fortunately, I do music and I think that it will help me. I would also like to work as a sound engineer with a well-known group or work in a club, put a good sound. But while these are just ideas, and that they are implemented, it is necessary to enter the university. I think that I have correctly determined my choice of profession and I will never regret it.

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All professions are important