“Onegin is a selfish egoist” essay

Alexander Pushkin in his greatest novel in verse “Eugene Onegin” was able to create a rather complex and contradictory nature, which, in my opinion, for different people seems completely different. Perhaps this is because the reader sees in one of the main characters a reflection of his inner world. Indeed, in each of us, the same Eugene Onegin certainly lives.

Therefore, many people impress him and try to justify his actions, as they often justify themselves. To other readers, this character seems bad, cold, rough. But after all, we ourselves are not so rarely so cold and indifferent.

Eugene Onegin is a young man from the nobility. His entire conscious life passed precisely in the highest society of tsarist Russia. When he was very young, it was this society that incredibly appeased and attracted him with its splendor, entertainment, intelligent and noble persons. Not knowing the real content of this meeting of noble people, he was initially too fascinated

by him.

Eugene Onegin thought that it was here that he could show himself and his abilities, here he could fully self-actualize and possibly change someone’s life for the better. But having reached the age of the age and joining the ranks of the noble society, the young man is forever and firmly discouraged in him. After all, in him the same noble people are attached to monotonous gossip, talk about the same, rare vulgar entertainment and endless idleness and inaction. Quite differently, young Eugene imagined this world. He did not give him anything that the young man dreamed of. Therefore, soon Onegin tired of such an aimless pastime, and he leaves this haven of boredom and vulgarity.

But having lost that habitual habitat, Eugene Onegin does not understand that now he wants and how to live further, so that his soul at last has found the long-awaited happiness. All he wanted was a high society. But it turned out that it was completely different from what he had imagined. Therefore, the young man remains, as it were, isolated from others. After all, he has no new aspirations, just like a new dream. Therefore,

he is simply bored and inactive. No, he does not abandon the search for the best, what he would like with all his heart. But while his search is futile. Therefore, for others, he seems to be a cold and insensitive young man. But in fact the society itself made it so, unable to give the one that could awaken in his soul the fire of passion.

By itself, the character of Eugene Onegin is a kind person. It can not be said that he is a negative character. But he was so confused in himself and the world around him that it seems to many that Yevgeny is a fairly selfish person. On the other hand, what kind of person can not be called an egoist? Such it is very difficult to find. After all, it’s actually difficult to help people around, while in your soul reigns confusion and confusion. Therefore, all the thoughts and actions of Eugene in this period of time were in fact directed only to the awareness of oneself, of one’s own self. But it depends on his life and how he will live it. In general, Belinsky’s words that Onegin suffering egoist, which stifle inaction and vulgarity, are truthful. However, understanding them is not so in a negative light. After all, he did not become such himself, he was so made by the surrounding society and people, with whom he communicated. But if Eugene Onegin could understand himself and understand what he wanted in this life, everything could have been quite different.

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“Onegin is a selfish egoist” essay