Composition on the topic “Defenders of the Motherland”

Who are the defenders of the fatherland? These are people who stand guard over their homeland, the peace and security of its citizens. They even have their own holiday, it is celebrated on February 23.

The history of our country knows many examples of worthy defenders of the fatherland. Our people never retreated before the enemy, defending their land. If you recall the Great Patriotic War, it will be impossible to list all the defenders who did not allow the Nazis to seize our country, and with it many others. Many of these people became heroes, someone posthumously.

Although at the end of February they congratulate men, but women can also successfully defend the fatherland. After all, many of them serve in the army, someone as doctors and nurses. During the Second World War there were women pilots and snipers, scouts and anti-aircraft gunners. You can not enumerate everything.

Our glorious homeland knew many wars, starting from Ancient Rus. And there were always people who were ready to defend their people and their land. Many of them put their lives on this. The names of the majority have sunk into oblivion, but their cause lives.

No state can exist without people ensuring its safety. And what qualities should a true defender have? This is, first of all, a sense of patriotism, honor, conscience, justice. There are people whose life’s mission is military service, the rest become for the defense of the Motherland as necessary. But both those and others in case of danger do everything necessary to help the country.

Defenders of the Fatherland are always very courageous, even heroic people, and each of them deserves respect. In peacetime, too, there are enough people who can be called defenders – these are workers of special services, police, rescuers. All of them work to ensure that the country can sleep peacefully.

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Composition on the topic “Defenders of the Motherland”