Painting by VA Serov “The Girl with Peaches”

How much liveliness, naturalness, childlike ease in the picture of VA Serov “Girl with Peaches”! No wonder this picture after its writing made a lot of noise in Moscow, struck the contemporaries of the artist with amazing expressiveness, ease, a sense of the joy of life.

The painting depicts Vera, the daughter of a Russian industrialist and patron of arts SI Mamontov, a good friend of many creative people of Moscow of that time. It seems that this brisk and restless girl just sat down for a second at the table, picked up the peach, but immediately got up and ran off on her business. Faith looks at us, but it seems that her head is occupied with completely detached thoughts, the girl thought about something of her own. She touches the peach lying on the table, but it seems that there is no one yet. Perhaps the feeling of a velvety skin of a ripe fruit helps her to think.

The girl has brown eyes, chestnut, slightly disheveled hair and the same dark, well-defined

eyebrows. All this in combination with a swarthy skin makes Vera look like a shred.

There is a lot of light in the picture, which pours from the large transparent windows a table covered with a white tablecloth, a girl who has sat down to the table, the whole room. A white tablecloth, light walls, a gently pink blouse of Faith – all this creates a sense of spaciousness, immense ease. The darkened sections of the picture: dark brown elegant backs of chairs peeping out from the table, the blue bow on the girl’s chest contrasts favorably with the variety of shades of white.

Peaches, lying freely on the table, green maple leaves, as if accidentally brought here by the wind from the garden, even a lone silver sparkling knife give the picture of Serov the ease and charm of natural ease.

The artist’s skill is manifested not only in creating a magnificent portrait, but also in the ability to trace the delicate play of light and shadow, in changing the shades of objects depending on the lighting.

The painting by the outstanding artist VA Serov brings us back to a carefree childhood with all his troubles, joys, sorrows and finds.

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Painting by VA Serov “The Girl with Peaches”