Music for own songs

Match the lyrics to the song. If you decide to compose to the songMusic. then you should already have a ready-made text that you need to put on this Music. By the way, do not forget that the text and music should somehow harmonize with each other. Although modern art admits a combination of the incongruous, it is necessary to possess an unsurpassed musical taste, so that such a combination would seem organic. So, as a song text, you can use your own work or a work of another author, but then be careful with copyright.

Read the text several times out loud, feel it and think about the associations it causes. What should be the melody for this text – fast or slow? Cheerful or sad? What should be the musical pace of the song? Perhaps, when reading the text you will come to mind already familiar melodies of songs and classical music. Listen to them for inspiration. And do not be afraid that you can accidentally “steal” a piece of someone’s melody for your song – after all, notes are only seven.

Try to translate your associations into a melody. To do this, it is good to own some kind of instrument, for example, a guitar or a piano. Take a few chords, try to sing the lyrics under these chords – this is how the outline of the melody will be born. But if you do not own any musical instrument at all, then try simply to sing the melody on the recorder, and then offer to the musician you know. Or contact the professionals who will arrange for you a melody for a certain fee.

Try to sing your song from beginning to end. It does not need to have a couplet and a refrain, but it should sound holistically, harmoniously. Record the entire song on the recorder and listen. Maybe, some places in the song cut a rumor, there is a sharp transition between melodies, etc. Try to correct these errors.

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Music for own songs