Youth composition

Youth is a dream, it’s faith, it’s a gravitation to heroism, it’s lyrics and romance, it’s big plans for the future, it’s the beginning of all prospects

“Youth, youth, maybe the whole secret of your charm is not in the ability to do everything, but in the opportunity to think that everything will be done!” This is exactly what our compatriot, the famous writer, Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev, said. And we can not disagree with this statement, which accurately conveys the essence of life of every young man. We are young, full of energy coming from us in the form of ideas and plans, which we build so thoroughly and inspiringly that everything around us is also filled with this incredible power, excitement and insane mood. Youth… it’s not so much the implementation of plans, as the choice of one, which will become a step leading to our future. It is during this period of life that everyone really thinks about a career, about a future

family, about love and children, about a happy youth and worthy old age… Sometimes, we begin to build something grandiose, but, alas, not everything goes as we imagined it. Our plans crumble like a house of cards, it would seem that we made an irreparable mistake, we ourselves crossed out our dreams and desires, missed the chance that fell one in a million. But when we fall, we do not give up, we again get to our feet, ourselves or with the support of our relatives, again we look forward with our head held high, and the energy of life again inspires in us the belief that the sun has not extinguished, it will rise again, light our way.

Youth… Yet this is not just a physical age, it is a fleeting state of mind in which we endure a storm of various emotions. All people experience ridiculous joy and great distress, dizzying love and poisoning hatred, but only in youth these feelings are mixed and exacerbated hundreds of thousands of times. They lead us all, and therefore, provoked by ill-considered actions, we often look stupid and ridiculous, like the chicks that first flew out of the nest. It is in youth

that a person lives not only with a mind, but with a trembling heart, whose cosmic call is sometimes mysterious and inexplicable. As a young man, a person is ready to commit insanities for the sake of love, to go on self-sacrifice in the name of justice, to defend their rights and the rights of loved ones. And therefore this stupidity, and we can rightly call the absurdity childishly generous.

Youth activity is the engine of all mankind, which is the source of inexhaustible life-giving energy. So why should not the younger generation be involved in solving socially important issues? After all, young people have optimism, noble enthusiasm, disinterested desire for justice, faith in a better future. Their strength of mind, which does not know the insurmountable barrier, sometimes amazes with the simplicity of its nature, it is capable of much, that is why it is worth thinking about such issues as increasing the rights of young people, expanding the boundaries of the field of active activity, fostering independence and responsibility from an early age. After all, youth is given to learn wisdom on its own ups and downs, rather than on detached passive contemplation, which is becoming more and more relevant in many countries of the world.

Everyone knows, it is the youth that accounts for the bulk of his dreaminess. Mad, new ideas, plans that amaze with their ephemeral… They give us new feelings, emotions… But in order to even the most ordinary dream has acquired the brightness of reality, it is still necessary not only to build colorful plans for the future, but also begin to prepare for their implementation: work on themselves, strive for individuality, independently learn to answer for their actions and make a decision, rely more on their own. After all, youth is so good that it has its own plans for the future, the possibility of independent realization of which is only real.

Another distinguishing feature of youth is the disobedience of young people, which are the connecting element of the generation, which is not so harmful not only to others, but also to themselves. In this we will be convinced when we compare the ancient traditional society of any people and the modern democratic.

Comprehensive control over the younger generation helps to preserve the purity of traditions, which is quite good. However, these same traditions in many respects hamper the development inherent in man by nature itself. After all, when the unripe mind is given freedom of thought and partial freedom of action, it can offer and implement such innovative ideas that in the future or already in the present will serve for the benefit of this or that society. I think it’s worthwhile to trust youth, because it looks to the future. Youth – a wonderful time!

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Youth composition