Being human means

Being human means

Man is different to man. There are no identical people, there are no “good” or “bad” people. However, in society you can quite often hear something like “The main thing is to be a good person,” or “Well, be you a man!”. And how to be a good person and what it means to be a human being at all – when people answer such questions people are lost. They do not know. Or they know, but they keep a treacherous silence…

For myself, I am the best

Man is a biological species, allotted by certain physical characteristics (hands, feet, head) and socio-psychological (character, culture of communication, value orientation). Based on this definition, you can congratulate us – we are all “people.” And what makes a

person “good”? The answer is simple – our attitude. Our own attitude to ourselves, and the attitude of others, a subjective assessment.

To be a good person for yourself is to act in accordance with our social and psychological attitudes. Each of us has his own vision of reality, his own rules, principles and norms of behavior. Is it worth to clarify that guided by them – we take them for some standard. Our thoughts, views, actions are a standard, it’s good for us personally, while for another person this can be absolutely unacceptable, wrong, etc. We ourselves impose ourselves with certain characteristics that correspond to our world view (standard). The higher the degree of compliance, the more reason to consider yourself “good.”

To make promises and keep them is what it means to be a responsible person. Responsible to himself. To have an idea of ​​how to behave in society and act in accordance with these ideas is what it means to be a man brought up. Brought up in our personal understanding of this issue. To know how to do “it is possible”, but how to do “not” and behave accordingly – that’s what it means to be a decent person. Be decent on the basis of our personal judgments.

Each person considers himself well-bred, responsible, decent

on the basis of his personal ideas about these phenomena. The difference is that they have their own ideas. For this reason, there is a clash of opinions – for yourself, like, like the best, and someone water you, sorry, mud. And who to believe.

What it means to be a good person for others is a very interesting question, because it’s completely meaningless! To begin with, is it possible to be generally good for others, because the concept of “surrounding” implies a myriad of people. And how many people – so many opinions, we have already found out. It is simply impossible to correspond to the opinion of everyone, therefore, for all you will not be good. So is it worth continuing? And continue to stand, only the crowd that surrounds us, I suggest to leave in the background. Let’s talk about our dear people…

Our family and close friends are the people around whom we should and want to be good people. The main goal is not to offend, not to hurt them. We must try to behave with dignity with those who care about us. This is a manifestation of our concern. This is not easy, because each needs his own approach and at least some correspondence with his views, but this makes us people in the eyes of others, which is important for us. And the opinion of the others, the opinion of the “crowd” should not excite us in principle.

There is no point in thinking about what an ideal person should be. There are no ideal people, it’s a fact. You can only strive to be ideal for yourself, based on your personal expectations. You can strive to be ideal for a loved one. Although in the latter case, it is important what you are, you are real. You will be loved and accepted with all the positive and negative traits. This is the manifestation of the true love.

And in conclusion, it’s hard to be a man you really are not. Trying to meet someone’s demands, constantly attacking himself on his throat, lying, both to himself and others – these are the moments that seriously complicate our lives. You want to play an unusual role for you – please, the theater circle is at your service. But do not play with life, it’s too short. Being yourself, being satisfied with your life – that’s what it means to be a real person.

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Being human means